Profil perdu

Much of Kate’s work in the past has been in maintaining gardens and natural spaces for people to use as places of reflection. Out of doors everything is governed by the light changing and the atmospheric conditions, affecting how we look, how we listen. A focus of attention, such as the one created in Dulwich Park in 1970 by the installation of Barbara Hepworth’s Two Forms: Divided Circle, can be magical for one passer-by, diffused or even taken for granted by another. When the sculpture was stolen in 2011 its absence became almost more tangible than its presence. 

Slashedcheek,averted    face,hard  to  decidewhat's   going   on- a  broken   headthe   turquoise  slicea divorce?    Or shieldshot     with     twobig     holes,    tunnelsspheres           mightlodge in.             Onehalf relies         on itsopponent              half,scissor            bladesto isolate      and shape,close  on the  moment.Like  a  well, one  holdsa  saucerful  of  skylight  scribbles  on.Sounds  tricklethrough, as yearsof water do,hollowinga cave,auricular,cockedto the music of drip-dropping.

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