Adding the Magpie

The online launch of the anthology Corvids and Others, crow family poems, takes place on Wednesday 16 February 2022 in the rookish company of many London based poets and some from further afield. Hit the title for the link and join us cawing!

Corvids and Others flyer 2022.pdf


One of Kate’s many bird poems, originally selected for The Rialto, reappears freshly in the anthology Corvids and Others, crow family poems selected by Susan Watson for the South London bookseller, Crow on the Hill. The launch has been postponed and the shop is currently closed, although at the moment it is still possible to buy books online from  In the meantime the pamphlet is still available from .

The frescoes described in Adding the Magpie are from the Villa of Livia, second half of the 1st century BC, now in the Museo Nazionale at the Palazzo Massimo, Rome.